Your Mental Health Matters- 5 Ways to Take Better Care of it

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Your Mental Health Matters- 5 Ways to Take Better Care of it

Did you know that 1 in 5 adults in the United States suffers from mental health issues at some point in their lives? Yet, a considerable number never seek professional help. As a result of the stigma attached to mental health issues, many people find it difficult to share their feelings with others. They keep everything bottled in until it gets completely out of hand. Mental health issues cause at least 90 percent of suicides.

Your mental health is more important than toxic relationships, overbearing bosses and friends, and unhealthy work environments.

Not only should you look for signs of mental health issues and seek professional help when necessary, but you should also actively look for ways to take care of your mental health by calling 619-333-8114.

Like all health matters, it is better to be proactive when dealing with mental health issues. Do not wait until you develop tell-tale signs of mental health issues. Do everything you can to protect your personal space from everything or person that threatens your mental health. Before you let anyone into that personal space, ensure that they do not pose any threat to your mental health. Here are five other ways you can take care of your mental health.

Spend quality time with friends and families

Our friends and families bring smiles to our faces and make us feel right about ourselves. When life happens, spending time with people that make us happy can help us avoid many negative and destructive habits. It doesn’t matter if you are introverted or not. You can always find peace and happiness with people you care about. Just being with them or sharing a nice meal can go a long to help you clear your head and avoid mental health issues.

Share your feeling with someone

Never bottle in your feelings. If you have an opinion about an issue, let it out. Don’t deny yourself the opportunity to express yourself because a friend or a family member has a different opinion. You deserve to be heard too. However, you should express your opinions as respectfully as possible. Be assertive but never overbearing or rude.

Making others happy by sharing what you have with them can also help you find happiness. Many studies have found a connection between helping others and reducing mental health issues.

Remember, there is no solution in a bottle

Alcohol only presents a temporary relief from challenges, and it can result in several negative effects, including chronic addiction. Instead of always turning to the bottles when you have a problem, consider speaking to a professional. Our San Diego internal medicine doctors are passionate, experienced, and ready to help you through whatever you are going through.

Be physically present and active

Ensure you don’t spend all your free time locked up in your home or staring at a screen. Forming bonds with people in person is much better than spending all day on social media platforms. Show up, laugh, share and have fun.

Exercising, meditation and other physical activities can also help you fight anxiety, mood swings, and depression. Instead of drinking, take a long walk or a run in the park. Physical activities are great for stress relief and have no harmful effects whatsoever.

Are you going through a hard time? Get professional help from our San Diego internal medicine doctors today.

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