Why You Need an Interventional Pain Specialist

Why You Need an Interventional Pain Specialist

Experiencing pain, whether chronic or acute, can be one of the worst experiences a person can go through in life. Pain can hinder us from enjoying the thrill of life and partaking in the activities we previously indulge in. It’s for this reason that people experiencing long-term pain always look for every means possible to get medications to relieve themselves. However, there are some situations where medications and conservative treatments may not work for a specific type of pain.

Thankfully, there are alternative ways to treatment that can work, and one of those is interventional pain management. Call Pacific Medical Care at 619-333-8114.

What is interventional pain management?

Interventional pain management is an alternative treatment that employs some pain-blocking techniques that help patients go about their day-to-day activities less difficultly, and effectively restore their quality of life. Some of the treatment processes used may include electrostimulation, surgery, nerve blocks, and implantable drug delivery systems.

Interventional pain specialists come into play when the pain is so severe, and it’s interfering with the daily activities, or other treatment options aren’t efficient enough to reduce the pain experienced. Interventional pain management may be seen as a final resort type of treatment for chronic and acute pain.

The role of an interventional pain specialist in your pain treatment

Typically, you’ll be referred to an interventional pain specialist if after regular treatment of approximately 2–3 weeks the problem still persists. With an interventional pain medicine specialist, the first thing done is to run a thorough evaluation to assess the pain, causes, and possible solutions. To do this, the specialist will need the following;

  • An assessment of your pain history,
  • A physical and neurological examination,
  • An assessment of all medical records and diagnostic studies.

There are a number of spinal interventions that can be taken into consideration. Not just for treatment purposes, but also for diagnostic purposes. An accurate diagnosis is the first step in the treatment of these categories of pain.

There are different types of interventional pain management treatments that can be utilized. However, the type of treatment you receive is determined by the specific condition and symptoms you’re suffering from. The most common techniques include:

  • Nerve blocks

Nerve blocks are used to interrupt pain signals from traveling into the brain. The effect usually lasts from minutes to days.

  • Infusions

This longer-term treatment is the delivery of pain relief drugs directly into the body.

  • Injections

Epidural steroid injections, facet joint injections, and trigger joint injections are some of the injections that can be targeted at different pain spots in the body.

  • Spinal cord stimulation

This technique is specifically to treat chronic pain. It’s done by applying gentle electrical currents to the source of the pain.

Pacific Medical Care has some of the best pain management doctors in San Diego who can offer you interventional pain management services because of their extensive training and knowledge about the different pain management techniques.

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