Why Older Adults Require Internal Medicine

Why Older Adults Require Internal Medicine

As we grow older, it becomes even harder to remain healthy and active. The possibility of being struck by an illness at the least expected becomes even higher. If you or someone you know is getting older and begins to experience different medical issues, then internal medicine doctors are the best choice for you as they provide the comprehensive care that you need.

Also known as internists, these doctors specialize in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease in adult patients. Their training covers a wide variety of health conditions and can offer counsel to their patients on the prevention of diseases and overall wellness. Call 619-333-8114 for a consultation.

Here are reasons why you need an internal medicine doctor as an adult.

1.    They are experts in adult disease management

Internal medicine doctors spend a number of years getting the required training and education needed to become experts in the field of adult health and medicine. They spend at least seven years in medical school and postgraduate training, with three of those years devoted to studying complex adult diseases.

These leave them prepared to operate the full range of different adult-related diseases. Also, at least half of all internal medicine residents finish a fellowship that lasts between one to four years in order to study a subspecialty in fields like rheumatology, genetics, infectious diseases, sports medicine, and cardiology.

Also, because internal medicine doctors are experts in illness and diseases, they are usually referred to as doctor’s doctors.  It’s not farfetched to realize that they’re relied on for professional advice and support by other types of specialty doctors. Generally, internal medicine doctors are reliable for their extensive knowledge and skill in diagnosing and treating different diseases.

2.    They make treatments faster and more accessible

For the reason that they are skilled in treating adult diseases, the process from diagnosis to treatment and healing is typically easier and faster than how it can be with typical family doctors. An internal medicine doctor can be a lifesaver because they all are specifically trained to solve diagnostic problems that leave others puzzled. Chronic illness and severe health problems often are not what they seem, and internal medicine doctors utilize their extensive knowledge and experience to determine the exact problem and best solution.

3.    They can also perform other duties

While other specialty doctors may be restricted to their own field, internal medicine doctors can in full capacity perform other medical functions. For instance, some can extend their care to children too. However, they must have dual training in both internal medicine and pediatrics to do this.

So in the case that an internal medicine doctor is also qualified to treat children, a family that has both adults and children can go with an internal medicine doctor to serve them with the majority of their illness and disease issues.


For these reasons and much more, internal medicine is important to adults. To get the services of an internal medicine doctor in San Diego, contact Pacific Medical Care today.

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