What Should You Expect from Restorative Pain Management

What Should You Expect from Restorative Pain Management

Over the last couple of years, the medical and rehabilitation scene has experienced a lot of changes, one of them being the introduction of restorative management clinics to provide more adequate care for patients dealing with pain. However, what exactly is a restorative pain management clinic, and what special benefits are there for patients?

A Restorative Pain Management Clinic is simply a rehabilitation system for chronic pain patients.  This special category of clinic directs its goal at increasing physical functioning, improving pain coping skills, and restoring the body back to its whole state.

Restorative pain management is about providing complete body wellness, not just for the physical body, but also for the mental part of the body. Restorative pain management clinics are very necessary for the healing of chronic pain. Call 619-333-8114 for an immediate consultation. 

What is a Restorative Pain Management Clinic?

What makes restorative pain management work is that the professionals are trained to not just treat the pain, but also direct therapy to the root cause of the pain. It challenges the traditional treatment of the typical pain management therapies and introduces an improved restorative pain therapy that reduces the pain experienced and leads up to a greater quality of life for patients experiencing pain.

Unlike the regular clinic, restorative pain management clinics don’t always prescribe pain medications for all pain conditions. Rather, it creates an innovative approach that works at restoring relief and increasing your whole function. It doesn’t totally depend on narcotics and other medications, as this has a high chance of leading to addiction, tolerance or hormonal abnormalities. Since pain is treated by targeting the root cause, there’s a low chance of experiencing the risks that come with treating potentially dangerous treatments or the high dependency that can come with using drugs.

Why you need a Restorative Pain Management Clinic

At restorative pain management clinics, the professionals will take out time to know the unique challenges that you’re going through, so much that you’ll be able to receive an individualized care plan including a complete assessment of your injury, medical and psychological history, and a customized pathway to healing. Also, in addition to the traditional medical care that you get, these physicians augment your treatment by providing access to several forms of alternative care. Based on your individual needs, you may get physical therapy, aqua therapy, spinal adjustment, acupuncture, massage therapy, or more.

Pain management clinics have Board Certified physicians that have been trained to target the source of your pain and treat it using interventional pain procedures such as trigger point therapy, epidural injections, radiofrequency ablation, occipital blocks, or joint injections to name a few. This results in lasting pain relief and improved quality of life.

A team of San Diego pain management doctors will not just help you manage the pain, rather they’ll help you find the root cause, treat it and surrounding symptoms, and ensure that as much as possible, you aren’t left to experience such pain again.

Remember, the pain won’t just go away. You have to actively work towards it. Visit our pain management clinic today!

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