Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Mood Disorders and Addiction Recovery

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Mood Disorders and Addiction Recovery

Transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment since its inception has fast become a new approach to treating various substance and mental health issues that ordinarily appear tough to handle. Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a noninvasive alternative procedure that makes use of magnetic fields as stimulators for nerve cells in the brain to improve the symptoms of different conditions and illnesses. One main condition that TMS can help to improve is depression.

Mood changes, depression, and addiction, in particular, have been some of the toughest recovery processes. However, with TMS treatment, it can be viewed as an MRI scan that shows how your brain reacts to drugs or substances. The brain would essentially light up in specific areas when looking at the pictures from the scan. This is a sign that your reward system is damaged. The system needs stimulation from your drug of choice to give you a boost of endorphins.

TMS targets the part of your brain that lights up when it’s exposed to drugs or substances. By stimulating the cells and neural pathways, TMS changes the way you think about drugs and substances. Call 619-333-8114 for a consultation now.

Suddenly, you won’t feel those same cravings because the idea of drugs and alcohol won’t cause your brain to light up. When drugs and alcohol no longer hijack your reward system, you can begin moving toward actual recovery.  This has proven effective for various addictions including alcohol, cigarettes, and drug substances.

How TMS works with the brain and helps addiction

Research shows that the brain plays a huge role in addiction, and a change in the way that the brain responds to substances and drugs will help to break free of addiction. TMS works for depression and mood much in the same way it does for addiction recovery. The doctor targets the areas of the brain that are responsible for mood disorders. By creating new pathways, people feel a boost in mood. Many completely recover from depression.

Who can benefit from TMS treatment?

TMS works for people who have not benefited from regular medication. Then, it’s even more effective when combined with cognitive-behavioral therapy as it’s much more tolerable than medication. If you are suffering from addiction or depression, you may feel unexcited about life, work, or socialization. However, TMS treatment is a way out of that feeling and can help you treat this unseen ailment as soon as possible.

Pacific Medical Care San Diego

Pacific Medical Care now has a new offering which is referred to as TMS treatment by BrainsWay. This is deep TMS treatment, meaning we can provide direct electromagnetic stimulation to the targeted areas of the brain. Our treatments are shorter than standard TMS treatments and more effective.

At Pacific Medical Care, there’s a wide range of depression treatment options, particularly transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy treatment. For depressed patients, we can take you through the process of comprehensive treatment plans that work particularly for your situation. TMS could be the solution to your problems.  Contact us to schedule your restorative pain management in San Diego consultation or to get more information about options for depression treatment.

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