Signs That You Need a Pain Management Doctor

Signs That You Need a Pain Management Doctor

Everyone experiences physical pain in varying degrees during their lifespans. Many people with chronic pains turn to opioids and other temporary fixes for help. While these medications may bring relief, they typically fail to address the underlying cause of the pains. And for that reason, it’s important to get better and more long-lasting treatment options.

Thankfully, restorative pain management is a branch of medicine that intensively deals with chronic pains, helping to find the source and administering relief methods to patients.

Pain management doctors in San Diego offer rehabilitation, physical therapy, acupuncture, TMS therapy, and other forms of alternative pain management techniques, call 619-333-8114 now.

If you’re experiencing pains of any intensity, and aren’t sure if it’s time to see a pain management doctor or not, here are some signs that can help you decide.

  1. The pain disrupts your daily activities

If you’re currently experiencing pain that’s lasted over 3 months and has been disrupting your daily activities, then it’s probably an indication that you should consult with a pain management doctor to narrow down the source of the pain. A pain that makes it hard to sleep, handle your daily work, or generally disrupt your daily activities is something you should look into.

  1. It causes you consistent discomfort

If the pain begins mildly and gradually intensifies or has been severe right from the beginning, then, it may be an indication of a serious underlying illness or injury that requires immediate diagnosis and treatment.

  1. When initial treatments proved abortive

Medications or simple physical therapy sessions may be recommended for seemingly mild ailments. However, if it gets to a point where these treatments are no longer viable or don’t produce intended results, it may just be an indication of an unknown underlying issue that a pain management doctor needs to help remedy.

  1. When the pain travels around the body

When pain starts on one end of the body and either steadily or quickly moves around the body, it’s an indication of an injury or illness that shouldn’t be overlooked. Also, having tingling feelings, numbness, and mobility struggles can also indicate that an existing injury has become worse and requires more intense treatment.

  1. When you have to depend on medication a little too much

While it’s a good thing for the pain to respond to medication, it shouldn’t get to a point where the relief from pain solely depends on them, especially if they’re strong medications like opioids. This could lead to more harm than good. They can become addictive and lead to painful withdrawal symptoms when they’re stopped. It’s important to get the help of pain management doctors at this stage.

A team of San Diego pain management doctors will not just help you manage the pain, rather they’ll help you find the root cause of the pain, treat it, and ensure that you aren’t left to experience such pain again. Remember, the pain won’t just go away. You have to actively work towards it. Visit our pain management clinic today!

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