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Book your Pacific Medical Care appointment online. Easy. Convenient. Hassle-free.



Pacific Medical Care delivers a higher level of care by not only treating the pain itself, but by directing therapy at the cause of your pain. By challenging the traditional wisdom of other pain management therapies, we have seen significant reductions in pain and a greater quality of life for our patients, including those who have been struggling to find relief elsewhere.


Our Board Certified pain management physicians focus on finding the source of your pain and treating it, rather than a “band-aid” approach. This may include interventional pain procedures such as trigger point therapy, epidural injections, radiofrequency ablation, occipital blocks or joint injections to name a few.


A Better Approach

Too many pain centers work by prescribing pain meds across the board for every condition. This is a disservice to patients, and all too often leads to addiction, tolerance and hormonal abnormalities. Pacific Medical Care offers an innovative approach that involves restoring relief and increased function with approaches that only use narcotics as a last resort.

Pacific Medical Care also provides on site care routinely to long term care facilities. This prevents the need for residents to have to travel for doctor visits. In addition, we have Mobile Labwork and Radiology capabilities, so that can be accomplished at the same time.

Measurably Better Outcomes

Our individualized programs takes into consideration a patients full history that we use to tailor a unique treatment plan, that will center around realistic, obtainable and measurable goals.

Faster Recovery and Stabilization

By combining our individualized treatment plans, unique goal setting methods and a comprehensive approach to pain treatment we are able to achieve significantly faster recovery times for our patients.

Reduced Risk

Because we know there is more to treating pain then just dealing with the symptoms, we greatly reduce our patients risks of unnecessary and potentially dangerous treatments and risk of Rx dependency.


  • Individualized Treatment
  • Because we know your challenges are unique, every patient receives an individualized care plan including a complete assessment of your injury, medical and psychological history and a customized pathway to healing.
  • Alternative Care
  • In addition to traditional medical care we augment our program by providing access to several forms of alternative care. Based on your individual needs, these may include: physical therapy, aqua therapy, spinal adjustment, acupuncture, massage therapy and more.