Health Conditions That Require Pain Management

Health Conditions That Require Pain Management

While acute pain is typically caused by trauma, injuries, or different disorders and doesn’t last much longer than three months, chronic pain lasts for as long as three to six months, or more. Chronic pain will also require more attention and management to properly treat.

Pain management specialists offer help in relieving different levels of pain. From dietary changes and mental health care to medications and different procedures, there are many ways through which chronic pain can be managed, call 619-333-8114.

Many conditions can cause pain over a long period. Here are some of those health conditions;

  • Surgery

After surgery, you may have scars and tissue damage that can cause chronic pain. Another by-product of surgery is nerve damage and tissue inflammation which can cause a patient to experience long-term pain. The pain felt after surgery may be caused by the surgery itself tissue damage that occurred during the procedure.

  • Traumas

Trauma can be caused by accidents where the body sustains injuries. Traumas also cause massive physical long-term pain to the body. Just like chronic pain works with surgeries, traumas can cause pain as a result of scar tissue and nerve damage in the body.

Traumas to the head can also cause neurological damages which can lead to chronic pain. This level of pain is referred to as psychogenic pain because it isn’t caused by any physical damage, but only the interpretation of pain given by the mind when there’s on the face of it, no cause of pain.

  • Malignant tumors

Different types of cancers cause different levels of pain. While the cancer of the lungs will cause back pain, bone pain is one of the symptoms of different forms of cancer. Also, cancer management and treatment options like a mastectomy can cause nerve damage which may also lead to long-term pain.

  • Arthritis

Arthritis can give both acute and chronic levels of pain. For instance, having arthritis in the knees can cause acute pain, which may also weaken the knees and cause long-term pain that will prevent full-range movement in the knees. This long-term pain that causes inhibition of movement is referred to as chronic pain.

  • Nerve Damage

Nerve damage is common and can be caused by a range of things like traumas, surgeries, and diseases. Once the nerves are damaged, they can cause recurrent pain symptoms or complete numbness in patients.

Treatment options for chronic pain or conditions

Treatment of different chronic conditions ranges from over-the-counter medications to prescribed drugs and other procedures. A lot of times, it’s important to go for further procedures and pain management treatments.

At Pacific Medical Care, our doctors offer comprehensive treatment options directed at different chronic pain and health conditions, with emphasis on the cause of your pain. Each patient receives customized treatment based on his or her unique presentation. Visit our San Diego pain management center today and let our pain management professionals use their experience and expertise to deliver the best treatment for your chronic pain!

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