Complications of Untreated Whiplash

Complications of Untreated Whiplash

Neck pain usually occurs following an injury to the neck, and it may not be due to any serious disease. Whiplash is a form of neck pain that occurs when there is one or more cervical discs displacement or muscle strain in the neck, and it usually presents with headache (originating from the skull base), pain/tenderness in the upper back, shoulder, and arm. However, the pain may be localized to the upper part of the spine, the middle part of the neck, or on both sides of the neck.

Apart from whiplash, neck pain may also be caused by infections, abnormal growth or tumors, fractures, aging, ligament tears, joint problems, etc., Pacific Medical Care can help, call 619-333-8114 now.

Long term effects of neck pain

As much as neck pain can be effectively treated with rarely any adverse effect, leaving it unattended may cause long-term effects that may lead to avoidable suffering for patients.

In situations where the muscles and ligaments of the cervical spine get injured, movement of certain muscles may be hindered and the patient may have to guard his movements. Research shows that people with long-term neck pain will typically have muscle dysfunction, and low back pain, eventually.

It’s important that as soon as you have a traumatic injury that affects your neck, you get a proper examination to determine how far it goes. This is the first step in getting adequate treatment. Also, in cases where the neck injury is specifically a whiplash, early intervention will give quicker relief, more than when it’s left for a much longer period which may lead to long-term complications such as permanent nerve damage.

How to treat neck and back pain

Adequate rest and over-the-counter medicines like ibuprofen can help manage the discomfort, especially when it’s mild. However, for chronic and severe conditions, you may have to go further and do the following;

  • Hot or cold packs applications as advised,
  • Exercises such as stretching and flexing, or as far as physical therapy,
  • Aerobic exercise for overall fitness and strength,
  • Anti-inflammatory medicines or muscle relaxants,
  • Brace or corset for extra support,
  • Shots for pain relief in the area, Nerve block,
  • Acupuncture,
  • Osteopathic manipulation,
  • Stem cell therapy

Long-term complications are some of the many reasons you should treat neck pain and injuries as soon as possible. There are specific restorative pain management processes that are meant to treat sprains in the neck, cause the joints to move into better alignment, and allow the tissues to function well.

You do not have to bear your pain anymore. You can say goodbye to it by contacting San Diego pain management doctors at Pacific Care Medical centers. We use stem cell therapy and other regenerative procedures to treat a wide range of diseases, some of which had been thought incurable.

Pacific Medical Care, a leading San Diego restorative pain management center can offer you a higher level of care by treating both the neck pain and also ensuring that the possibility of long-term effects on your overall health is eliminated.

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