Facts you might not know about Pain Management Specialists

Chronic pain is a complex thing – and most conventional treatments are not enough to relieve the person’s pain. Pain management deals with comprehensive pain management and is not limited to prescription of pain medicine (in fact, most pain management methods are designed to reduce

React Quickly To Teenager Depression

Teen depression occurs at some point in as many as 20 percent of all teens in the United States according to experts. This includes as many as 15 to 30 percent of teens suffering from depression at any given point. Also, teen suicide has been

Meningitis Requires Fast Medical Attention

There are several different types of meningitis with each of them designated by the cause of the illness.  As the term meningitis describes a condition defined as the swelling of protective membranes around the brain and spinal cord meningitis that is not treated can be

Treatment Options for IBS

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a gastrointestinal condition, that can cause different symptoms such as abdominal pain, cramping, gas, bloating, diarrhea and/or constipation. IBS is a chronic condition, and the exact cause of this disorder is not known. However, IBS does not cause changes in

Common Hives Can Mean Trouble

The condition known as hives is a common skin rash that behaves, often, like an allergic reaction with many possible triggers. Often, hives are triggered by a variety of food, medications, or environmental conditions. Heat, airborne allergens, stress, and underlying medical conditions can also cause

Tuberculosis Remains A Concern

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that occurs in a latent form that shows no symptoms and in an active form that many recognize as a persistent cough triggered by the mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria. However, this bacteria does not only attack the lungs. It can be

When Sinus Infections Flare Up

Chronic sinusitis, sometimes categorized as chronic rhinosinusitis, refers to a variety of inflammatory conditions that occur in the spaces between your nose and your head. As the word chronic suggests, there are variations of sinus inflammations that continue for as long as two or three

Fighting Infection

Even before you see a doctor, however, you can be sure that your immune system is on the job, sending in the cellular response team to deal with the problem. How does that happen? What actually occurs when your body starts to “fight” an infection?

Causes for Sciatica

Any type of back pain can reduce your quality of life, even bring your normal routine to a standstill. Here are some reasons that can lead to sciatica, as how prevent or heal so you can get back to your life. Sciatica is the usually

What Is Whooping Cough?

The disease known as whooping cough is one of the more startling illnesses parents have to confront when this strikes an infant in the family. Half the cases of whooping cough in young children end up in the hospital for acute care in part because

Scabies Diagnosis

Just like whooping cough, the condition known as scabies is often thought of as an illness that might have been present 300 years ago but has no presents in modern life. This is not so. Scabies are microscopic mites that are contagious usually by coming

For The Elderly, Any Fall Can Be Devastating

To someone in their 20s falling hardly sounds like a laughable medical phenomenon. But each year millions of older adults fall with the average estimating one out of four persons over 65 falling each year. Some of those falls have catastrophic outcomes, while others have