Are you experiencing poor blood circulation in your feet?

Poor circulation in the feet may indicate serious health issues. A condition known as atherosclerosis is a common cause of poor circulation in the feet. Atherosclerosis is the result of narrowing of the arteries leading to blockages.

One of the common signs of Atherosclerosis is loss of sensation in the toes. This can be prevented with healthy eating and regular exercise. If you feel a tingling or numbness in your toes or feet, consult a podiatrist right away.

Lack of oxygen due to poor circulation can restrict muscle growth and prevent injuries from healing. It can also cause –

  • Pain, stiffness, or weakness in feet
  • Numbness or cramping in the legs
  • Skin discoloration
  • Slower nail growth

Seniors, people suffering from diabetes and smokers are at the highest risk for poor blood circulation in the feet and other parts of the body. Poor circulation in the feet and legs is often caused due to PAD (Peripheral Artery Disease) which is commonly the result of atherosclerosis or fat accumulation in the arteries.

While exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can prevent the condition, it is best to see an experienced podiatrist right away if you have been experiencing poor blood circulation in your feet and legs. A podiatrist can also prescribe the necessary medication, lifestyle changes or orthotics for your feet.

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