5 Ways to Keep Your Spine Healthy

5 Ways to Keep Your Spine Healthy

Damage to the spine is usually extensive and painful with long recovery periods. Whether you are already battling any of the conditions that affect the spine or want to decrease your chances of getting one, there are simple activities that you can add to your everyday routine to help your spine stay healthy. Here are five ways to take better care of your spine.

Perform Core Strengthening Exercises

Exercises that strengthen your core don’t just give you stronger abs. They also make your back muscles stronger so they can support your spine properly. Our back muscles stay inactive for long periods as we rarely move them during our regular routine. So, strengthen those muscles, so they support your spine better.

If you have a medical condition that prevents or limits exercising these muscles, ensure you talk to your therapist by calling 619-333-8114.

Endeavor to Wear Good Shoes

Yes, your shoes can determine the strength and health of your spine. In fact, bad shoes can disrupt the balance of every part of your body when you walk or stand. They can also result in bad postures, which pose many other problems. So, ensure your shoes correctly support the proper alignment of your spine. Also, ensure you don’t have to lean backward or forwards to stay comfortable. Your shoes should be snug but not tight.

Sit Right and Less often

Spending a lot of time seated can put a lot of strain on your spine, especially when not done correctly. If your work entails sitting for long periods, make sure you do so on a good office chair that supports the spine.  You should also try to move around as much as you can while working. You can use a standup desk several times in the day or walk around your office while replying to emails or taking phone calls.

Rest Your Spine While Sleeping

A lot of our daily activities depend on how healthy our spine is. Unfortunately, we almost never go out of our way to keep our spine supported during these activities. When you sleep, you should also allow your spine to rest and rejuvenate. It carries your body through the day and deserves to be pampered, at least while you sleep. But your spine cannot relax if you don’t have the right pillows and mattress to support it.

Ensure that your mattress is firm or medium firm. If it is old and saggy, parts of your spine will be misaligned while still supporting the rest of your upper body. You can also use pillows in strategic points, such as behind your knees when sleeping on your back. Or between your knees when sleeping on your sides.

Massage Your Spine Regularly

Massages have many therapeutic benefits, especially for the neck, shoulder, and back muscles. A good massage can increase blood flow, release pinched or tight muscles and tissues and help you relax.

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