Our pain doctors offer comprehensive treatment options directed at the cause of your pain. Interventional procedures are state-of-the-art at our facility.


Pacific Medical offers Board Certified internal medicine, pain management and podiatry services.


Pacific Medical Care now provides Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy to treat depression.


Book your Pacific Medical Care appointment online. Easy. Convenient. Hassle-free.

Book your Pacific Medical Care appointment online. Easy. Convenient. Hassle-free.


Pacific Medical Care’s mission is to provide access to a diverse suite of healthcare services, designed to optimize the health and wellness of the communities we serve. Pacific Medical Care has expanded to meet the changing needs of our communities. This includes in office care for internal medicine and restorative pain management.

Taking a visionary approach to healthcare, we have built a broad network of services allowing us to be a one stop shop for our patients and their families. We continue to provide the community with the highest quality medical care. At Pacific Medical Care you will never be “just a number”, you will be our partners in your individualized treatment needs.

Internal Medicine
Restorative Pain Management
Interventional Procedures

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Our pain doctors offer comprehensive treatment options directed at the cause of your pain. Each patient receives customized treatment based on his or her unique presentation. Interventional procedures are performed in our state-of-the-art facility.


Pacific Medical offers Board Certified internal medicine services to patients in a contemporary downtown setting, along with urgent care visits. The providers care for both acute and chronic conditions
adeptly and compassionately.

Patient Testimonials

Our clinic is conveniently located in downtown San Diego on the corner of 5th Ave and Beech St. Parking is convenient, and we provide FREE transportation for patients requiring an office visit who need assistance with transportation.


Our facility offers visits with our Board Certified providers which includes minor office procedures. Care is often available same day when needed.

Pacific Medical Care – Healthcare Services That Patients Trust


Our entire staff at Pacific Medical Care dedicates itself to providing patients with superior quality care while showing genuine compassion. We proudly serve communities in San Diego County with a host of medical services, including primary care, pain management, physical therapy, internal medicine, injury rehabilitation, and much more.

Although we provide all our patients with exceptional care, considering that the baby boomer generation has started to age, there is a growing need for enhanced medical solutions. In response to that, we customize treatments on a patient-by-patient basis for achieving optimal health and wellness. Whether looking for a trusted family practice, physical rehab, or a personalized pain management treatment facility, Pacific Medical Care is your most trusted source. Our medical professionals have exemplary qualifications.

Dealing with an injury or health issue, even when minor, is both frustrating and time-consuming. For more serious problems, people often feel alone or as though no one understands or cares. In addition to our extreme level of compassion, one of the many things that make Pacific Medical Care unique is that we have a diverse facility, meaning that we treat a host of injuries, illnesses, and disorders.

Our primary goal at Pacific Medical Care is to provide patients access to diverse medical treatments. Instead of driving all over San Diego to visit multiple doctors or clinics in an effort to receive an accurate diagnosis and viable treatment, we offer a network of healthcare services. As a result, you only need to visit one medical facility, Pacific Medical Care, with a convenient downtown San Diego location. Whether you’re coming to see us for a minor or major issue, we treat a broad range of injuries, illnesses, and disorders.
As medical professionals who genuinely care about our patients and with a commitment to providing innovative healthcare solutions, we treat everything from the common cold to chronic pain. We even specialize in occupational medicine for the prevention and treatment of job-related injuries and illnesses. All our patients, whether individuals or families, receive the highest quality care available in San Diego and the surrounding areas.

We accomplish that by maintaining a state-of-the-art medical clinic and having an amazing staff that includes board-certified healthcare professionals. We also have a highly experienced and trained office staff that can assist with scheduling, insurance, referrals, and more. Everyone at Pacific Medical Care does whatever is humanly possible to ensure 100 percent patient satisfaction.
According to the latest statistics released by the National Health Interview Study (NHIS), on any given day, more than 25 million people in the United States suffer from chronic pain. Of those, roughly 17.6 percent have severe levels. Pacific Medical Care has an incredible pain management program to help control or eliminate patients’ pain.

Not only is chronic pain caused by many different factors, but also, every person has a unique reaction and threshold. For those reasons, there is no way to treat each patient in the same way effectively. Instead, one of our pain management specialists performs a thorough evaluation, followed by developing a viable treatment customized accordingly.
Internal medicine is another area of expertise at Pacific Medical Care. Our board-certified Internists treat a variety of illnesses, including chronic fatigue, the flu, lung or heart disease, and diabetes, plus more. Although these medical experts have a broad reach, they typically treat patients struggling with multiple health-related problems as well as those on numerous medications. Whether you’re dealing with an acute or chronic condition, our internists have excellent skills they use to help improve patient quality of life.
Our entire staff, including registered nurses, therapists, pharmacists, and board-certified physicians, proudly serve people in the following areas within San Diego County.

  • Del Mar
  • East County
  • El Cajon
  • La Jolla
  • La Mesa
  • Mission Beach
  • Salona Beach
  • South County
For achieving and maintaining optimal health, our medical professionals are here to help. Instead of seeing the people who come to us for quality medical care as just injured or sick people, we consider them valuable patients. We want our patients to have a positive experience at our facility from start to finish.  

For primary care, including minor office procedures, occupational medicine, pain rehab, and almost everything in between, we ensure an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment. Depending on the situation, we can often get patients in on the same day they call. Just as the name of our facility implies, we care about every patient we see. Because of that, we offer outstanding medical care in San Diego and the surrounding areas.  

Your health is far too important to ignore, not only to you but also your family and friends. We would love the opportunity to work with you to overcome an injury, illness, or disorder. Regardless of the diagnosis, we will keep you informed throughout the treatment process to ensure that you understand the approach you decide to take. Take control of your life by visiting us at Pacific Medical Care for exceptional support and healthcare.  

For more information about our multi-faceted medical facility and our team of highly skilled healthcare professionals or to schedule an appointment, we invite you to give us a call at (619) 333-8114 or send us an email to info@pacificmedicalcare.com.  

After scheduling a visit to Pacific Medical Care, you will head to 1501 Fifth Ave, Suite 100, in downtown San Diego, at the corners of 5th Ave and Beech St. With convenient parking, you can avoid battling this congested area of the city. If you need to see one of our medical experts but have no transportation, we can offer you a ride at no charge.